Guidance of tax-free procedure

Those eligible for tax-free procedure

Non-Japanese residents and the person who made the purchase (substitutes are not accepted)

Non-Japanese citizens who are not immigrating to Japan and have been in the country for less than 6 months (re-entry dates do not apply)

Japanese citizens living outside of Japan for 2 years or more, on a temporary trip to Japan for less than 6 months

Tax-free goods

General goods
Applicable purchases must total at least \5,000 (tax excluded) and have been purchased on the same day.

no designation


Purchased goods must leave Japan within 6 months of the purchaser's entry to Japan.
A copy of the purchaser's passport will be taken in the case of same-day purchases in excess of \1,000,000 (tax excluded).

General goods+Consumables
Applicable purchases must total at least \5,000 but no more than \500,000 (tax excluded) and have been purchased on the same day.

(1) Will be packaged in a tax-free bag

(2) Not openable until taken outside of Japan


Do not open until outside of Japan. Purchased goods must leave the country within 30 days.
You will be charged consumption tax upon leaving the country if goods are consumed in Japan. Please be aware that consumables will be packaged and sealed to prevent opening before departure from Japan.

《Applicable goods》
  • Goods purchased for personal use (goods for business or sales are not applicable)
  • Goods that will be taken with you when leaving Japan on your current trip
    (less than 6 months from your entry to Japan for general goods, and 30 days or less from the date of purchase for consumables)
《Purchase amount conditions》
  • Purchase amounts may be combined
  • The purchase amount of general goods and consumables may not be combined
《Items to present》
  • The purchaser must present the following items (no agents or proxies)
  • ①Passport of the person who made the purchase
    • *Copies not accepted, must have a verification seal for landing
    • *Japanese who live abroad must present an overseas resident visa and an ID card
    • Please submit the Record of Purchase of Consumption Tax-Exempt for Export attached to your passport at the time of departure.
  • ②Purchased products
    • *Limited to items purchased on the same day
  • ③Receipts
    • *Written receipts and automatically issued receipts are not accepted
    • *Receipts with different sales dates cannot be combined
  • ④Credit card
    • *Only if a credit card was used to purchase the goods
    • *The name on the passport and credit card must be identical.
    • *Corporate cards are not accepted

    • Some stores charge a fee for tax exemption procedures. Please check the store information.