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AEON MALL is a large-scale shopping mall.


AEON MALL operates approximately 200 shopping malls throughout Japan. In addition to its large-scale supermarkets, you can also shop at stores for famous fashion brands and drugstores, and enjoy dining at Japan's popular restaurants and our food courts that offer delicious Japanese cuisine and other meals.


AEON MALL incorporates the elements such as the culture, industry, and tourism features of the region into its design, making for many wonderful experiences that can only be had here.

① Lucky Cat at AEON MALL Tokoname ② Aquarium at AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom ③ Hanging Garden at AEON MALL Okayama ④ Sunset seen from AEON MALL Rinku Sennan (one of the 100 best sunset views in Japan)


AEON MALL offers credit card and QR code payment options, free Wi-Fi, and coin-operated lockers so that all of our customers can enjoy shopping in comfort and convenience.